1. Is there a swimming pool for kids?

Yes, Therme has a special area designed for children, where kids can have fun all day long.


  1. Can I purchase gift vouchers?

Yes, of course – you can find them at the Therme Reception Desk or purchase them from our webshop, available at www.therme.ro.


  1. Where is it located?

Therme Bucuresti is located just outside Bucharest, on DN1 national road, Adress: Calea Bucuresti 1k, Bucuresti, Balotesti


  1. What is the price range?

Prices are published on our website: https://therme.ro/tarife


  1. How can I get there? (public transportation)

The Therme bus line is available free of charge, dedicated to our customers. The timetable and route is available on our website, at the “Contact” section.


  1. What is the composition of thermal water?

Thermal water is microbiologically pure, does not contain preservatives or parabens, is rich in mineral salts, copper, zinc, selenium, calcium and magnesium. Thermal water is the only natural source to include multiple minerals, a true source of health and relaxation. For example, iron helps oxygenerate tissue, magnesium and silicon contribute to the regeneration of tissue, manganese is an antioxidant, and calcium acts as a protective shield.


  1. What are the opening hours?

Therme Bucuresti is open every day of the week. Full schedule is available on the website: https://therme.ro/program


  1. How can I get a job with your company?

Please send us your resume at recrutare@therme.ro


  1. Are you authorised by ISU (Inspectorate for Emergency Situations)?

Yes, Therme București will have all authorisations and permits necessary to operate in complete safety.


  1. Will there be a nudist section, like in Erding?

No, Romania will not have a nudist section.


  1. What is the cleaning process of thermal water? Is there any chlorine in it?

Geothermal water is extracted from a depth of more than 3,100 m and goes through a process to remove calcium, sulphate, and carbonate and, in the end, an ozonisation process. The only chlorine in the water is the chlorine in the composition of thermal water.


  1. Is thermal water radioactive?

No, it is not. Extracted from a depth of 3,100 metres, thermal water from Therme is microbiologically pure and maintains all the properties beneficial to the human body.


  1. How are you going to provide ventilation/ cleaning/ disinfection?

Ventilation shall be performed with air treatment units for all spaces dedicated to the public (entrance, lounge, locker rooms, shower rooms and all entertainment areas). 

Disinfection takes place on two levels – water treatment, by means of a high-performance system implemented and air purification, with air filters installed in air treatment equipment.


     14. Can I spend multiple days there? Is there any accommodation area?

At the moment, Therme is destined only to those who are looking for  a few hours of vacation, relaxation and unwinding or fun, depending on preferences. No accommodation facilities are present yet.


  1. Is the centre available for wedding parties, baptism, coming of age, etc.?

Private events are not hosted by the Therme centre for the moment, because the complex is open daily and accessible to everyone, Monday to Sunday, and we would not like to limit the access of other visitors to the Therme areas.


     16. Are corporate events allowed?

Yes, for special corporate events, please send us an e-mail at the following address: vanzaricorporate@therme.ro.


  1. Are there sufficient parking facilities?

Yes, definitely. Our parking facilities are larger than those of any commercial centre in Bucharest; therefore parking is not a problem, all the more so that parking is free of charge.


     18. Do you have any access facilities for disabled persons?

Disabled persons will have easy access to Therme because both the PALM and GALAXY areas are at level 0. We also have toilets for disabled persons.


      19. If I suffer from skin diseases, am I still allowed at Therme?

If you suffer from any contagious skin diseases, for the good of the other visitors, please do not visit Therme until you recover completely.


      20. Is there a space for children to be supervised, in case parents would like to spend time in other areas?

There are no spaces with staff to supervise children.


      21. Are there lifeguards in case there are accidents in the pools?

Of course!


     22. Is there a first aid unit, in case of injuries of children or other persons? 

At the moment, we have 3 first aid units related to the 3 distinctive areas of Therme centre.


    23. Do we have to bring our own towels or can we rent them from you? How about slippers?

Of course you can bring your own towels. Therme Bucuresti also makes available to visitors towel and robe rental services.


   24. If I get a one-day ticket, can I go out of the premises and return a few hours later?

In order to do this, we recommend the 3-hour or the 4.5-hour options.


   25. Do you have WIFI?

Therme Bucuresti provides free Wi-Fi to clients.


   26. What is the age limit of children allowed on your premises? Can we bring infants a few months old or one year old?

There is no age limit for children in the family area – Galaxy. Also, children under 3 years old can also access The Palm area.


   27. Are we allowed to bring pets?

For the safety and hygiene of our clients, pets are not allowed on our premises.


   28. Is there a store on the premises to purchase various items (cigarettes, chewing gum, creams, bathing suits, etc.?)

At the moment, Therme does not have any such store but you can procure bathing suits and slippers from Therme cash desks.


   29. Are we allowed to bring food or beverages from home? If not, is there any deviation for persons with special diets or for children?

 Every area is integrated with food courts. The offer is diverse, from simple snacks, to international cuisine. For hygiene and safety reasons (e.g., shards) food and beverages from outside the premises are not allowed. Baby food is allowed on the premises, but the client is responsible for keeping food from getting anywhere in the pools or in the relaxation area.


  30. Do you provide any therapeutic/anti-cellulite massage services?

There are multiple types of massage available in Elysium area. You can make an appointment as soon as you arrive here, with a request submitted to the Elysium area reception desk. 


   31. Are there any consultants for dermatological issues who can advise us what to do, what type of activities are adequate if we suffer from particular diseases?

We have no consultants on dermatological issues. Our staff is specialised on wellness services, relaxation massage, anti-cellulite massage and therapeutic massage.


   32. Are we allowed to use mobile phones (phone calls, take pictures)?

You are allowed to use mobile phones as long as you do not disturb other visitors and do not infringe on their privacy rights.


   33. Are we allowed to use our own shower gels, sunscreens (for the outdoor pool), etc.?

Yes, you can use your own products.


   34. Are there any special areas for smokers?

Each area has access to outdoor terraces, where smoking is allowed. Smoking is prohibited inside the facility and in the outdoor pool. Special spaces shall be arranged for smokers in the outdoor area of the building.


   35. Winners of Elysium tickets also include massages?

No, massage is not included, it is available based on reservation and paid separately.


   36. Card payment is available at the entrance and at the restaurants?

Yes, of course. Payment at restaurants shall be performed with access bracelets and you shall pay with your card upon your exit from the facility, when you turn in the bracelet.


    37. What can you tell us about the depth of the other pools? I believe it is useful for those who can't swim!

Pools are of different depths, in order to accommodate the taste and desire of each visitor, even of those who are not good swimmers.


  1. Are there any children floats in Galaxy?

There are special floats for the water slides, no other types of floats available.


     39. Are children allowed in the saunas?

Children under 16 are not allowed in Elysium; therefore they have no access to the saunas.


     40. Can we pay with food vouchers or holiday vouchers?

No, payment can only be performed in cash or with a credit/debit card.


     41. Do you have Aufguss facilities?
Yes, of course. We have multiple Aufguss versions, specific to each sauna.


     42. Access to swimming pools is by footsteps or ladder?

Access to swimming pools is performed by footsteps.


     43. Are there any discounts for disabled persons? How about their attendants?

Disabled persons do not benefit from discounts, but their attendants have free access on the premises. However, the attendant must produce to the cash desk the document to certify that the disabled person needs an attendant.


     44. Can I leave my child in the Galaxy area if I go to The Palm?

No, our system does not register independent children tickets and all children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. We do not recommend you to leave children unattended for a single minute.


     45. Can I eat at The Palm if my ticket is for the Galaxy?

You can have meals only in the area of your ticket or you can change the area and pay an additional fee to change the area, according to the prices on the website: https://therme.ro/tarife


     46. Is there a bicycle rack? Are there security services for the bicycles?

There is a rack, but without security services.


     47. Are there any highchairs for babies?

Yes, highchairs are available in the Galaxy and The Palm areas.


     48. Are we allowed with strollers?

No, strollers are not allowed for hygiene reasons, but you can enter with a bassinet.


     49. Why are children older than 3 years old not allowed in The Palm?

Children older than 3 years are somewhat independent already and their energy can create commotion for those around them, while The Palm is a relaxation area.


     50. Additional weekend fees and area change fees also apply to Family and Big Family packages?

Yes, but here the system first equals the cost of a full adult ticket and then adds the area change fee. 


     51. What is the water temperature in the Galaxy area?

Water temperature in the Galaxy area is between 33 and 36 degrees.


     52. Do children up to 3 years old need waterproof diapers to access the Palm?

Yes, waterproof diapers are mandatory.


     53. Pupils are also considered students in the fee table?

Yes, pupils benefit from discounts the same as students.


     54. Men must wear swim trunks or they are allowed with swim shorts?

Swim shorts are also allowed.


     55. I want to make an on-line payment for an access ticket and I would like to ask if we must get there until a particular time of the respective day.

There are no time restrictions, when you arrive please show the tickets purchased online to the specific desk.


     56. Do you have a luggage room, if we want to make a visit on our way to the airport?

Luggage can be stored in the locker rooms, unless they are too bulky. There is no special room for luggage.


     57. I am pregnant and I would like to visit The Palm. I would like to know the water temperature. Is it recommended for pregnant women? What is the content of salts and minerals in the water?

Please contact your doctor, they can provide an authorised recommendation.


     58. I would like to purchase tickets for the Palm but I would also like to schedule a massage session, which is located in the Elysium area. Is access granted to the massage area without additional payment for the transfer between areas, since I am only interested in the Palm to spend the time?

Massage is a service dedicated to our visitors in the Elysium area, in order to benefit from such services you must pay the fee for the area. However, The Palm includes hydro-massage beds that can provide a very relaxing massage session.


     59. What is the minimum age for unaccompanied children?

Underage persons at least 14 years old may enter the premises unaccompanied by parents, based on the identity card.


     60. Which is the bus route / landmark?

You can find the exact route on our website www.therme.ro under "CONTACT”.


     61. Is there a method to activate a voucher (gift card) / Therme Card?

There is no need to activate the voucher/card. Just bring it to the cash desks on the premises.


     62. Is there a possibility to reserve massage sessions before arriving at Therme?

Massage reservations are possible only when you arrive at our location. Our colleagues in the Elysium area will provide a reservation for you as far as there are availabilities.


     63. What can I pay for with the gift card/Therme card?

The following can be paid based on the value of the voucher/Therme card: entry tickets, food, beverages, other paid activities on the premises (massage, hydro-massage, etc.). In case you do not spend the complete amount of the voucher/card, the remaining amount can be used at your next visit.