Themed Saunas

The 6 dry saunas are created for your well-being. Step inside and take care of your health while traveling the whole world, discovering the countries and cultures with a long tradition of saunas.

With a range of temperatures between 40 and 90 degrees Celsius, the saunas at Therme București give you the opportunity to experience a recreation session tailored to your preferences. The specific infusions of each sauna transform heat into an intense and aromatic sensory experience.

The Moresque architecture of the Alhambra sauna gives you a glimpse of the past, while the state-of-the-art Hollywood sauna takes you on a trip to the future, being the only theatre that softens your skin. The Bavaria and Provence saunas are a real delight for your skin, and the world tour is rouned off with the experiences offered by the Amazon and Himalaya saunas. Don’t miss the recurring Aufguss sessions carried out by our masters that can transform a sauna session into an extraordinary experience.

Try an authentic hot saline! The salt walls with shades of amber give this sauna a reassuring atmosphere, with a strong aerosol effect. When we breathe the salt-loaded vapors we combat the negative effects of stress. The Himalayan salt used to build the walls generates negative ions that are beneficial to your health. The temperature between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius is perfect for deep breathing, helping with the decongestion and disinfection of the respiratory tract. Take a breath of health in the Himalaya sauna!

Indulge your senses in the terraced sauna while admiring the palm trees through the transparent windows. Quietly relish this paradise and enjoy every minute spent here, while your health is stimulated. The humidity and low temperature (70 degrees Celsius) allow you to spend more time in this tropical setup.

Featuring an immense movie theatre screen, this sauna offers screenings of unique nature documentaries. The relaxing images and the temperature of approximately 60 degrees Celsius instantly disconnect you from the outside world, boost your mood and positively impact your health. Time flies in the Hollywood sauna, the only movie theatre that softens your skin and gives you an overall good feeling.

Discover the unique décor and scent of Zâmbru Pinus cembra wood, a real infusion of well-being. Used preponderently for sculptures, this type of timber can be found in only two countries: Austria and Romania. The wood’s specific aromas, the aromatic herbs, the temperature of 75-90 degrees Celsius and the humidity up to 45% act as a stimulus for your health: they are beneficial to your respiratory tract and stimulate the metabolism. The wood’s specific scents, together with carefully selected aromatic herbs, make for a long and deep relaxation feeling.

Step into an oriental atmosphere inspired by the architecture of the Medieval Castle in Granada (Spain), now attached to UNESCO heritage. You will discover the interior details and decorations that recall the vast royal sultan chambers and the astounding perfume mixtures, with their specific infusions. The temperature of 60 - 80 degrees and the spicy flavors have a beneficial effect on your health, they restore your state of well-being, and carry you into the world of “The Arabian Nights” and other Oriental tales.

Discover the rustic, Bavarian style where the wood design elements perfectly blend with the modern ones. Pamper yourself with the classic coniferous scents and aromatic herbs, at a temperature that can even reach 90 degrees Celsius. Here, the heath will instantly relax you and give you a consistent health boost.