Relaxation Pools

Therme Bucureşti offers visitors the chance to relax in one of 9 indoor and outdoor relaxation pools, covering a total area of over 3,000 m². The water temperature is constantly maintained both in the indoor and outdoor pools, with the latter kept open right through the winter.

Boost your energy supplies, have a swim or just simply relax!

Relax and enjoy this real fountain of health: a panoramic indoor pool with a pool bar, and selenium and zinc enriched water. Every minute of your break spent here prolongs your feeling of well-being.

Selenium baths : “The fountain of youth”

Selenium plays an important role in many metabolic processes. This essential trace-element protects cells from harmful free radicals and the oxidation process, and also slows skin aging. For this reason, selenium baths are considered to be true “fountains of youth” for the body and soul. During the hot summer months, selenium baths can offer protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.

Zinc baths: an oasis for the senses

Zinc is essential for growth and development. It strengthens the immune system, fortifies cell membranes, is involved in normal thyroid functioning and helps regulate the healthy functioning of hormones. Frequent Zinc baths are beneficial for the skin, hair and nails, leaving them looking radiant and healthy, and the mineral also aids the operation of our five senses.