Elysium Pool Bar

Relax and enjoy this real fountain of health: a panoramic indoor pool with a pool bar, and selenium and zinc enriched water. Every minute of your break spent here prolongs your feeling of well-being.

The selenium bath: the fountain of youth

Selenium plays an important role in many metabolic processes. This essential mineral protects cells from the harmful impact of free radicals and oxidative stress, slowing the skin’s aging process and strengthening the body’s immunity. Owing to this quality, selenium baths are considered to be veritable fountains of youth and beauty. In the torrid summer months, this kind of bath protects you skin from the damaging effects of UV rays.

The zinc bath: an oasis for rebirth

Zinc is essential to our health and plays and important role in the growth and maturing process, strengthening immunity and cell membranes and impacting on the metabolic process of the thyroid and sex hormones. Frequent zinc baths are good for your skin and hair and make your nails healthier and more beautiful. Zinc is a key element for your body’s health and beauty.