Everything we do is driven by the highest standards of quality: from the construction materials, to the ingredients we source for our restaurants and the services we provide to our customers.

Respect for nature. Green Technology

With over 320 days a year heating autonomy, Therme Bucuresti is the first Thermal center in process to obtain the LEED certificate for such a location which confirms our attention for the environment and efficiency

High standards

We think big and act bigger. That is why we never settle for anything less than the best, as proven by our architectural features, our exceptional team and our first-class partners.


Look ahead to stay ahead - within this mantra, lies our constant desire to improve ourselves in order to offer a unique experience to our visitors.

Healthy living 

Therme combines several aspects of relaxation, preventive healthcare, physical activity, entertainment and food in a new concept never seen before. It turns a former luxury into an accessible everyday experience for the public while improving health and the quality of life for all visitors.The visitors of all ages can enjoy the full benefits of our mineralized waters such as relief from stress, tension and pain while relaxing in a tropical landscape.


Therme is affordable and features a wide array of activities catering to all age groups. Something for everyone and affordable for all.