Therme highlights

Therme Bucuresti is the largest relaxation and entertainment center in Europe, built green. It hosts the widest variety of botanical plants and the biggest network of indoor waterslides in Romania, with a total length of 1,5 km.

The highly energy-efficient building ensures the complex’s heating through thermal water exchange 328 days a year.
Host to Europe’s largest palm tree plantation (1,500 units imported from 6 countries), Therme București has also become the biggest venue for outdoor holidaying. At 30,000 square meters, Sands of Therme is the biggest urban beach in Europe, with a 720 square meters tropical pool, 1,500 sun loungers on the sand, a pool bar and a Beach Club.

The wave pool situated in the Galaxy area is the largest of its kind in Romania at 560 square meters.

From an architectural standpoint, the Therme București building comprises of a series of unique elements in Romania. The self-supporting facade weighs 1,100 tons. The roof to body A is a transparent, 150-ton colossus with a surface area of 900 square meters, making it the largest retractable roof ever mounted in an earthquake zone. Another first is the facade to the Galaxy body, which has the biggest pillar-free opening at over 50 meters.

All three distinct areas of Therme București have been extended, giving them more facilities and new opportunities for fun and relaxation.